Excited to explore space with a dazzling set of colours? Draw your own universe with these handmade chalk balls available in different sizes. Several colours incorporated in just one piece - turn your chalk planet to a different side and scribble away with another colour from the galaxy. We all love to explore and create. SpaceChalk is a fun new way for kids and the forever-young to create their unique solar system or just to colour their space and bring their craziest space ideas into the world.  Collaboration with Eliza Mikus 
        S P A C E C H A L K  2.0    Leave your mark on the night  These handcrafted chalk balls were made of a special fluorescent powder that glows in the dark. Your scribbles or drawings are invisible until the night falls - but then your mysterious messages, cute sketches for the kids or art masterpieces lit up the place.  We were inspired by our childhood mischiefs scribbling all over the walls - much to our parents’ despair for years. SpaceChalk 2.0 adds a luminous twist to wall decoration and the time of permanent markers is long gone: you can wipe off the chalk easily with a simple towel.
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