If you get easily consumed by wanderlust and get a kick out out travelling, EggMap is your perfect companion. Globetrotters, city lovers, map enthusiasts or digital detox heroes: squeeze away!  Coming in 2018.
    The EggMap took home the top prize at the annual Highlights of Hungary awards in 2016. It combines the powers of a custom-designed map and a squishy stress ball so you can unwind while exploring the urban jungle. Squeeze the EggMap in order to zoom in on sights, public transport routes and entertainment options, and follow your path.
    The maps are custom-designed with special colour schemes which show places of interest and transportation routes. They cover 20 square kilometres of any city (or even theme parks, festivals and so on), focussing on the main attractions - most loved and visited by explorers. Squeeze your EggMap, it's ready for the ride.
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